Urban.ge's founders have 15 years of experience and much more responsibility in building and developing real estate business; the team itself is operating on the market for almost four years.

The comfort is the first line of urban.ge, which envisages all priorities of urban development.

With over 3 years of optimum internal planning, energy saving building materials, full repair service, balancing prices and convenient conditions for the payment, more than 120 families’ comfort have been created in Isani Comfort.

The new project provides a new standard of comfort. Sharing the full rhythm of urban lifestyle by optimizing healthy home environment has become a new challenge for our team. But it has already found an answer to it: in the vicinity of the Lisi lake, a few minutes walk from the city center, Urban.ge will build 14 individual houses with their small own yards and terraces.

Greening and ecology is not a social responsibility but a strict obligation. For us social responsibility is expanding access to education because well-educated society with the right demands and a will to grow vigorously is the vital force for the city’s proper development.

Each of the Urban.ge’s projects is legally established, obeys the existing laws and regulations and protects property rights.

Our team is always ready to provide you with comprehensive answers to all of your questions and create a full comfort of transparency.

We are convinced that real estate can be developed so that to promote the city's urban progress.

We will be loyal to this approach.


Urban.ge’s team